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Three Year Old Program

Three-Year-Old Program Overview

The focus of the 3 year old programs is separation from parents, social interaction, sharing, taking turns, transitioning between activities, independence, following directions, small motor development, large motor development, beginning perceptual and conceptual development (letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc.) and language development. All classes are for children who love learning through play while having fun in a loving Christian environment.

Stimulate young children to love learning and to provide a fun and safe early childhood educational experience for every child.

Four Year Old Program

Four-Year-Old Program Overview

This program continues the “learning while having fun” focus with more hands-on experiences through perceptual and conceptual development, large and small motor skills, observation skills and continued personal and social development. These programs guide your child’s learning through exploration, discovery, art and play. Activities include math, science, language arts, music, spiritual enrichment and art. We offer many experiences that stimulate children’s curiosity.

Purpose built play areas for your childs growth and education

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Four-Year-Old Program Overview

The Pre-Kindergarten classes are for children who are in their last year of preschool before entering Kindergarten. The classes emphasize the creative process of learning through hands-on experiences in science, math and language arts. The children play and experiment with actual objects: holding, touching, comparing, graphing, drawing and cutting. The children explore the world around them in many ways. These comprehensive Kindergarten readiness programs concentrate on whole child development.

Designed to develop and increase your childs independence and social skills to ensure a smooth move to primary school.

Fully skilled staff and teachers to get your child ready for primary school